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  Jennifer Munro
Golf Mind Rx™, Inc. is owned by Jennifer Munro.

It's all in your head!
Unlock your Golf potential! Improve your Game!

“I just want to be more CONSISTENT!” is what amateur golfers wish for most. Amazingly, any golfer can recite the parts of their game that are VERY consistent; situations where things go wrong, (hooks, slices, ragged tempo, missed putts, shot and club decisions) and situations where they play their best. Golfers are more consistent than they realize, and these consistent tendencies and results are dependent upon each golfer’s specific and individual golf “person”ality. What is disruptive to a Challenger Golfer has little or no effect on a Traditional Golfer, and what unnerves a Social Golfer goes unnoticed by a Technical Golfer.

Golf is the most mental of all sports; in a typical four hour round, we only are performing the action of golf around 4-5 minutes. What we do with the rest of the time determines whether or not we play to our specific best ability. Our individual personality is the most influential aspect of how we manage the mental game.

Take the Golf Mind Rx profile and your resulting mental golf lesson will give you the keys to mastering your responses on the golf course and how to play your best golf every time, CONSISTENTLY.


Take the profile! Lower Scores.


Is the golfer in your life struggling with his or her game?
Are you tired of listening to the complaining, replaying of mistakes, and excuses?

If so, then a Golf Mind Rx™ gift certificate will be a gift you both can enjoy! Treat your special golfer to a gift that will lead to lower scores and more fun!

The Colors of Golf™
What Type of golfer are YOU?

Challenger Challenger
Goals Driven
Strongest Trait - Dominance
Need to control their environment and results.
Social Social
Play for Fun
Relationship Driven
Strongest Trait - Extroversion
Relationships and interaction are important, life is a happening, never mundane!

spacer spacer

Technical Technical
Systematic, Perfectionists
Certainty Driven
Strongest Trait - Conformity
Being right, accurate and meticulous are important.

Traditional Traditional
Play to relax or as occupation
Security Driven
Strongest Trait - Patience
Harmony, security and stability are important.

These "drives" affect your perceptions, judgements and reactions on and off the golf course.

Take the profile! Lower Scores.


Email Us at if you would like to discuss your profile report.


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Jennifer Munro, Author of Personality Matters Jennifer Munro, Author of Personality Matters
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Team USA Captain
Solheim Cup Champions
2015 & 2017 & 2019

Website Juli Inkster
Website Team USA Captain
Website Solheim Cup Champions 2015
Website Solheim Cup Champions 2017
Website Solheim Cup Champions 2019
Website Read More

"Jennifer was instrumental in putting this USA Solheim Cup Team together. The ladies understood each other, how different personalities played into the team dynamic. Great bonding. Great Week! Thanks, Jennifer. GO USA!”

Hey, Jennifer. Well, we came up a bit short but my team played hard and played for each other . We had no drama and everyone got along great . Thanks for everything once again. It was a fun ride . Let’s keep in touch ❤️ Juli Inkster. Captain, Solheim Cup, 2015, 2017, 2019.

Juli Inkster - Team USA Captain – Solheim Cup Champions
2015 & 2017 & 2019



Website Jim Hardy
Website Author of Solid Contact and The Release, his newest books
Website Author of The Plane Truth, Plane Truth For Golfers Series and The One Plane Swing
Website PGA Teacher of the Year 2007
"I believe in Jennifer Munro's approach to the mental and emotional side of golf so much that I encourage all the PGA Tour professionals I work with to take the profile test and to work with Jennifer's analysis to improve their response to the pressures and stress of tournament golf. It has produced great results. I never bought into the "one size fits all" approach that is currently peddled such as "relax, visualize, pre-shot routine, etc.". They can help some, but I believe actually harm others who try them. The approach to handling the intense pressure of tournament golf must be tailored to the individual's personality. With out understanding the personality factor, any suggestions on how to handle stress is like throwing a dart at the wall."

Website Dr. Stephen Bradford
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
"My experience over the past year working with Jennifer has been remarkable. She has excelled as my business coach helping me focus on the goals of my orthodontic practice and supervising the assembly of individuals to meet the demands and goals of our business. For my golf game, she has helped me mentally prepare for my tournaments and stay focused during the past year's events. Her training and my practice sessions have helped me lower my handicap from an index of 14 to an index of 8. Over the past year, I came in second in a club championship (scratch flight), first in our club's Cobalt Cup (net), first in 2 member-member events, first in 3 member-guest events. Truly realizing that I am a Challenger Golfer and taking each shot and focusing on the moment has made the game much more enjoyable for me. I would highly recommend your association with Jennifer just don't give her too many shots!"
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