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"I believe in Jennifer Munro's approach to the mental and emotional side of golf so much that I encourage all the PGA Tour professionals I work with to take the profile test and to work with Jennifer's analysis to improve their response to the pressures and stress of tournament golf. It has produced great results. I never bought into the "one size fits all" approach that is currently peddled such as "relax, visualize, pre-shot routine, etc.". They can help some, but I believe actually harm others who try them. The approach to handling the intense pressure of tournament golf must be tailored to the individual's personality. With out understanding the personality factor, any suggestions on how to handle stress is like throwing a dart at the wall. "

Jim Hardy
Jim Hardy

Website PGA Teacher of the Year 2007
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"The Golf Mind Rx™ profile is a sophisticated yet common sense approach to learn about your personality traits and how they affect your game. I completed the profile and the results had me pegged right down to the color of the socks I prefer!"

Stephen Trendler
Stephen Trendler

Editor Editor,
  Florida Golf Central Magazine
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Jennifer MunroGolf Mind Rx™, Inc. is owned by Jennifer Munro. Jennifer has worked with hundreds of corporate clients through Jennifer Munro and Partners over twenty five years focusing on improving performance in the workplace. A cornerstone of solving performance problems was the development through profiles of the essential success traits required for optimal performance in sales, leadership and management. Her clients are found in all industries, including finance, money management, banking, manufacturing, retail, communications, technology, hospitality, commercial real estate and resort development and operations, construction, publishing, advertising, fashion, automotive, medical and aerospace. Her performance strategies have been directed at sales, information technologies, operations, marketing, organizational development, strategic planning, teambuilding, goalsetting, conflict resolution, hiring and merging corporate cultures.

Jennifer took up golf in 1994 and soon realized that the traits which were so essential in good performance in business were very influential in how individuals behaved and performed on the golf course. Jennifer was passionate about golf from the beginning and was fascinated about two well known statistics in the industry. First, that the number of golfers remains about the same year in and year out, approximately 26 million. Second, that average handicaps do not decline. From her research, she noted that the overwhelming reason people give up on golf is that they do not get better even with significant investment in equipment, instruction and time. She wrote Golf Mind Rx™ profile initially for amateurs to help them overcome the obstacles that hold them back from good performance. She worked with Golf Digest Schools for 2 years, both helping instructors to identify the different learning strategies of clients and designing corporate programs for sales and leadership groups. As a result, the Golf Mind Rx™ profile has also become a valuable asset to touring professionals as well as amateurs and coaches who work with America's promising high school and college golfers.


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