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"I believe in Jennifer Munro's approach to the mental and emotional side of golf so much that I encourage all the PGA Tour professionals I work with to take the profile test and to work with Jennifer's analysis to improve their response to the pressures and stress of tournament golf. It has produced great results. I never bought into the "one size fits all" approach that is currently peddled such as "relax, visualize, pre-shot routine, etc.". They can help some, but I believe actually harm others who try them. The approach to handling the intense pressure of tournament golf must be tailored to the individual's personality. With out understanding the personality factor, any suggestions on how to handle stress is like throwing a dart at the wall. "

Jim Hardy
Jim Hardy

Website PGA Teacher of the Year 2007
Website Website

"The Golf Mind Rx™ profile is a sophisticated yet common sense approach to learn about your personality traits and how they affect your game. I completed the profile and the results had me pegged right down to the color of the socks I prefer!"

Stephen Trendler
Stephen Trendler

Editor Editor,
  Florida Golf Central Magazine
Website Website

"Our session with you went great. Everyone was very excited about their golf and business profile. They found it very beneficial to see how their profiles compared to others on their team, and to their clients. I think our session with you was very beneficial in helping to pull the team together and to encourage them to be aware of their communication AND golfing styles. In the days and weeks following our session you could see improvement in the communication levels of the attendees."

Dennis Manns
Dennis Manns

American Honda Motors, Inc. American Honda Motors, Inc.
  Torrance, California


Jennifer MunroROI Returns on YOUR Investment

Golf Mind RX™ can provide a return on your off site meeting or golf event investment that will last long after the event is over.

Off-site meetings and golf outings have become a traditional method of spending quality time with clients, rewarding outstanding employees, and teambuilding. Investing in these relationships, generating appreciation and loyalty are smart objectives. No one can argue that the returns on this investment can be well worth the expense, as long as those returns are realized.

Most of your employees and clients are already time-challenged and we often hear them complain about endless meetings with little or no results. Golf Mind Rx™ develops customized programs to fit your company's specific objectives, schedule and budget.

Golf Mind Rx™ and the Golf Mind Rx™ Profile programs will differentiate your event from those of your competitors and will stimulate and motivate your best employees. Our applications to sales, leadership, teambuilding and strategic thinking is unique. The approach to these vital areas, using golf as the language and the lure, guarantee noticeable improvement in communications and performance, as well as better golf, for participants.

The Golf Mind Rx™ Profile is a non-threatening, entertaining way to

Self - Awareness, both on and off the course
Self-Mastery - on the course, at work and in life
How to read and reach others.
Recognize the differences in motivations and decision-making.
Build communications and strategic thinking skills.

Don't let this happen to you! Good Intentions and Bad Outcomes.

A company CEO, Tim, took his sales managers away for a combined sales meeting and golf weekend. He had long been irritated by one of the managers, Ned, and had come to disregard him in general. His disapproval was generally known. Another well-intentioned manager was in charge of the foursomes for the mini golf tournament and decided that the best way to build a better relationship between the two was to put them in the same foursome to work as a "team."

Ned was a "new" golfer and inexperienced in such events, and showed up with borrowed clubs and little else. By the 8th hole, Ned had lost a dozen ProV1 golf balls, given to him along with many other nice gifts by the CEO. Ned had not thought to bring any golf balls with him so he asked Tim if he had any more he could have. No answer.

Ned spent the rest of the round losing the balls kindly donated by the other two in the foursome, joking about his inability to play, and everything else he could think of as the CEO fumed and proceeded to deteriorate with each shot.

Not only was the CEO furious about Ned's seemingly ungrateful attitude, he perceived a lack of substance and maturity, woeful planning and consideration of others and more importantly, was horrified about Ned being with clients or his new sales associates. The other managers felt responsible for Ned's further fall from grace, and also disappointed in their own experience that they had so anticipated.

It was a downer of a day in spite of the beautiful setting, the generosity of the CEO, and the camaraderie of the team in general.

Jennifer MunroThe group learned the importance of understanding the differences in perspectives, and how those dynamics are intensified during 5 hours of interaction on the golf course, and especially when two opposites are riding in the same cart.

The best of intentions can have disastrous outcomes when we are unaware of inherent incompatibilities. It can be the difference between a establishing a successful relationship or ending one.

We have done thousands of profiles and benchmarked performance in hundreds of sales and executive teams, and we have developed extensive data on the traits of exceptional performers in all disciplines. Through the language and enticement of golf, we can help you build performance. We can do as little as provide Golf Mind Rx™ Profiles as exceptional gifts for your guests and attendees, conduct an ice breaking session for your attendees as a kickoff for your event or meeting, or conduct 1-3 day business sessions and golf activities, including instruction programs for all playing abilities with some of the best golf instructors in the industry.

We can show your sales team how to:

Understand their inherent sales traits and how that comes across to other types of clients.
How to understand the motivation and buying traits of their clients and sell to those traits.
How to identify those traits by playing golf with their clients and observing what happens on the course.
How to recognize what the client is learning about them when they play golf.
How to set up the most positive and compatible foursomes, formats and activities.
How to avoid missteps with clients and participants. Identify the worst combinations to pair together.

We can work with your leaders to:

Identify the best people for their team and objectives.
Motivate and inspire their team to their best performance.
Understanding goal setting and strategic thinking and how to persuade others.
Eliminate bothersome conflicts and people problems.
Build an effective team around sound goals and objectives.
Make the most of the investment they spend in meetings and events.


We can adapt the Golf Mind Rx™ Profile and sessions to any teambuilding objective and improve performance on and off the course for Customer Service, Manufacturing and Production, Quality assurance, Human Resources, Information
Technology and any discipline in any industry.

We would be pleased to design a program for you.


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