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"I believe in Jennifer Munro's approach to the mental and emotional side of golf so much that I encourage all the PGA Tour professionals I work with to take the profile test and to work with Jennifer's analysis to improve their response to the pressures and stress of tournament golf. It has produced great results. I never bought into the "one size fits all" approach that is currently peddled such as "relax, visualize, pre-shot routine, etc.". They can help some, but I believe actually harm others who try them. The approach to handling the intense pressure of tournament golf must be tailored to the individual's personality. With out understanding the personality factor, any suggestions on how to handle stress is like throwing a dart at the wall. "

Jim Hardy
Jim Hardy

Website PGA Teacher of the Year 2007
Website Website

"The Golf Mind Rx™ profile is a sophisticated yet common sense approach to learn about your personality traits and how they affect your game. I completed the profile and the results had me pegged right down to the color of the socks I prefer!"

Stephen Trendler
Stephen Trendler

Editor Editor,
  Florida Golf Central Magazine
Website Website

"Our session with you went great. Everyone was very excited about their golf and business profile. They found it very beneficial to see how their profiles compared to others on their team, and to their clients. I think our session with you was very beneficial in helping to pull the team together and to encourage them to be aware of their communication AND golfing styles. In the days and weeks following our session you could see improvement in the communication levels of the attendees."

Dennis Manns
Dennis Manns

American Honda Motors, Inc. American Honda Motors, Inc.
  Torrance, California

Corporate Q & A

Golf Mind Rx™ - Corporate Programs -EagleVision Performance Solutions for Golf and Business

Custom designed sessions for business teams, specifically for those teams that are responsible for bottom-line results and achievement.

  1. Why do you target leaders and entrepreneurs?

  2. Why combine business and golf?

  3. What do you mean by that?

  4. Who should come with these teams?

  5. How long did that take? How does it work?

  6. How do we know what we are going to do when we get there?

  7. What are some other topics?

  8. What does this have to do with golf?

  9. This sounds really different!

  10. What about fun?

  1. Why do you target leaders and entrepreneurs? Top ^

    The target market is entrepreneurs and high achievers in leadership and sales. These people think differently from 85% of their associates; they want different things and get value from different things. We wanted to give them an alternative to the traditional business meetings, golf schools and retreats. They are outcome driven and we wanted to create meeting alternatives where they could define their own desired outcomes and the solutions they want and actually have those realized in a 2-3 day session with us.

    Most high achievers really dislike going to off site meetings where nothing really seems to be accomplished; many traditional sessions are about motivation, teambuilding, competitors, regulatory issues. These are often viewed as a waste of time to achievers who make every minute count. Our clients are already motivated; they may be frustrated or roadblocked on some level, but they are very motivated.

  2. Why combine business and golf? Top ^

    In our experience, most of our clients are passionate about both. Achievers in the business world also strive to be achievers in their sports world. Balancing the two isn't easy; and also, most resources in teaching, consulting and development are geared to the 85% who do not think like achievers. Our clients look for the "what and why" . . . not the "how."

  3. What do you mean by that? Top ^

    Most training and consulting is based upon how to do something; how to implement the newest trend, reengineer the old into something that looks new, follow processes and techniques. Mimicking Ben Hogan's swing may not produce another Ben Hogan; understanding what Ben Hogan understood, seeing what he saw, might.

    Our clients want to understand WHY something is not working, WHY their expectations are not being met in their management team, sales team or their golf game and WHAT to do about it. People who understand HOW always work for people who understand WHY.

  4. Who should come with these teams? Top ^

    Anyone who is viewed as part of the solution; the leader has to depend on others to implement his/her visions. Anyone on whom the leader depends ought to be there. Of, if the leader just wants to know on whom he/she can depend, the questionmarks ought to come too.

    EagleVision provides a demographic analysis of the team members who attend that will greatly enhance the team's understanding of strengths and shortcomings. For example, one team that was in the most deadline sensitive department in its organization, upon which every process in the company depended, found that 87% of those team members could not relate to a deadline; they had no inherent ability to relate time requirements to tasks. Pretty serious problem? EagleVision insights allowed them to identify the 13% with the strongest senses of urgency and deadline orientation to organize the tasks for the rest.

  5. How long did that take? How does it work? Top ^

    About 15 minutes. (compared to the 10 years they had struggled with missed deadlines, disgruntled customers and financial penalties and discounts).

  6. How do we know what we are going to do when we get there? Top ^

    Your team responds to a very quick profile about their individual goals in golf and business. You select from an extensive "menu" of topics that determine success or failure every day in business and on the golf course.

    For example, if you are not getting the sales results from your sales team that you expect, you can focus on identifying the WHY of that, from defining market issues or whether or not you actually have people who can sell. One client was very happy with its sales force when it had 24 month lead times to get product to market. That was an easy goal for the company, and so the customers were pretty happy with the product and delivery, and the sales people only had to deal with happy customers. When they shifted to an 8 month lead time, and missed most deliveries, they ended up with very unhappy customers and unhappy salespeople who really thought of themselves in order taking roles in those years and didn't know the first thing about real selling relationships or problem solving.

    Only 2 out of 10 people have the inherent capabilities found in exceptional sales professionals. Our sessions tell you WHY, and then WHO. And, if you are short on those, we tell you how to identify and hire more, or how to shore up those you have in your sales strategies etc.

  7. What are some other topics? Top ^

    *Goal setting (that translates to actions, and outcomes);

    *leadership identification, (who has it, who doesn't),

    *morale dynamics (why it is low, how to fix it),

    *the crisis in management (why are so many managers ineffective and the dire consequences to the work environment).

    *sales dynamics, capabilities, strategies

    *partnership dynamics (picking the right ones, saving them)

    *any others of your choice. Our profile allows you to identify the areas affecting your company today and we put together the program to address your specific needs and interests.

  8. What does this have to do with golf? Top ^

    Strategy on the golf course mirrors the mental strategies an individual uses in business. Those who achieve much in business often are frustrated on the golf course and don't understand how the outcomes can be so different. We explain the WHY. Successful strategies in business often conflict with successful strategies in golf. The way achievers control their business doesn't necessarily work on the golf course. And, we tell them WHAT to do to change it.

    Vision, the inherent ability to see the big picture, and into the future for your business, is a gift that only 10-15% of the population share. It is an essential trait for high achievers. On the golf course, that same GIFT, gets in the way until you learn to recognize it and control it. Vision on the golf course takes in EVERYTHING, what your foursome is hitting with, how they grip the club, who is jiggling their change, who hit 30 yards past your drive, what this score on this hole means you HAVE to do on the rest of the holes to win. Not good in golf where your focus must be trained to take in only THIS shot at that particular time.

    We teach how YOUR brain works and how to make it work for you. We say the brain has a mind of its own. We teach you how to read it. . . your own mind.

  9. This sounds really different! Top ^

    It really is. And, we combine you with people in your team on the course to quickly train you in what elicits the best and worst responses from your brain. In other words, we teach you how to take the best from your visionary brain and put it to work in business and then how to use those same gifts in golf for permanent solutions that have very little to do with "muscle memory" and practice etc.

  10. What about fun? Top ^

    We think entrepreneurs and achievers like to have fun . . . and fun is usually on the competitive side and involves challenge. We provide that on the golf course while you are mastering your game and your business and your life. And, at the same time, your team is really learning some important things about each other that will translate into meaningful decisions and interaction back in the office.

That is the defining difference of EagleVision Performance Solutions.


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