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"I believe in Jennifer Munro's approach to the mental and emotional side of golf so much that I encourage all the PGA Tour professionals I work with to take the profile test and to work with Jennifer's analysis to improve their response to the pressures and stress of tournament golf. It has produced great results. I never bought into the "one size fits all" approach that is currently peddled such as "relax, visualize, pre-shot routine, etc.". They can help some, but I believe actually harm others who try them. The approach to handling the intense pressure of tournament golf must be tailored to the individual's personality. With out understanding the personality factor, any suggestions on how to handle stress is like throwing a dart at the wall. "

Jim Hardy
Jim Hardy

Website PGA Teacher of the Year 2007
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"The Golf Mind Rx™ profile is a sophisticated yet common sense approach to learn about your personality traits and how they affect your game. I completed the profile and the results had me pegged right down to the color of the socks I prefer!"

Stephen Trendler
Stephen Trendler

Editor Editor,
  Florida Golf Central Magazine
Website Website
The National Golfer's Association says the US golfer's average score is 100! Golf Digest Magazine says average handicaps have moved only slightly in the last 5 years in spite of incredible developments in equipment, instruction, and opportunity. We just aren't getting much better. It has to be the thinking part!
Make Great Shots
Oh, by the way, as a side effect, knowing your Golf Profile might just resolve some of those childhood issues and unlock your psyche, but the most important thing is that it will help you play better golf.
Frustrated Golfer

"Fast players cause slow players to play slower and slow players cause fast players to play faster, with bad results for all". (Jennifer Munro, Creator of Golf Mind Rx™ Profile)

That is just one of many "hazards" golfers encounter. It causes the "mental game" to "go south" at some point for all golfers. Pace of Play is a key issue for the Golf Mind. This website is dedicated to identifying your key triggers and how to counteract them. Your Golf Mind, unplugged, so to speak, can make golf less work and more play.

Golf Mind Rx™ was created by people who love golf for people who love golf, or who want to love golf. Golf is the most mental of all sports. Regardless of how much we know about golf, what happens in our heads is the last frontier we have to cross to get the most out of this game.

Passion and Golf go together. Passionate people are usually passionate about anything they do. They do not understand why that passion doesn't always translate to good golf scores. The insights you get from your personal Golf Mind Rx™ Profile answers the questions of why you do what you do on the course, when you know better!

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Executive Women's Golf Association

EWGA DC Metro Kick-Off Luncheon

The EWGA DC Metro 2007 Season Kick Off event was a perfect shot. It was golf in all its harmony; from the arrival at the beautiful Belle Haven Country Club with its courteous professional staff, meeting the generous and gracious sponsors, shopping for the bountiful discounts at the pro shop, to learning about the many varied golf events planned for the 2007 season. Keynote Speaker Jennifer Munro of GolfMindRX was inspiring as she spoke about the mental component of golf and how it is dependent on individual motivations and values - just like in life. Jennifer's remarks were poignant, honest, and humorous -- just the way that you know Jennifer approaches life and golf.

Frustrated Golfer
Primary Types of Golfers

The Colors of Golf

CHALLENGER(Red): Competitive
Strongest Trait - Dominance
Need to control their environment and results.
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SOCIAL(Blue): Play for Fun
Strongest Trait - Extroversion
Relationships and interaction are important, life is a happening, never mundane! 
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TRADITIONAL(Yellow): Play to relax or as occupation
Strongest Trait - Patience
Harmony, security and stability are important.
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TECHNICAL(Green): Systematic, Perfectionists
Strongest Trait - Conformity
Being right, accurate and meticulous are important.

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